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How can paygle  help your business?



Paygle securely collects ERP Software, Banks, Payment Cards, Suppliers, Customers and Payment Gateway data. Paygle is a universal handler of data.



The Paygle matching engine uses machine learning to automatically process and align your disparate data points. Matching rules are aligned to your business needs.



Paygle delivers reconciled Bank and Card Statements with precision accuracy. We take away the guess work and admin to let you focus on the bigger picture.



Once matched and approved, Paygle delivers data into an accounting system, expense system and oncharging system - on time, everytime.

‘The Introduction of Paygle has revolutionised how we manage out travel spend. Paygle has reduced our admin work from 80% of a staff’s time to under 2 hours a week. We have seen an increase in accuracy, faster oncharging and have been able to retain all of the card points dollar value we continue to enjoy. Paygle is a great solution that we highly recommend to any business. Finance – Ahrens Australia

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